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Shelby Bettis

Certified Labor & Postpartum Doula 

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Meet Shelby

Hey there! I'm Shelby, a Certified Labor and Postparutm Infant Care Doula in Charlotte, NC. In addition to being a doula, I am a mother to two beautiful boys ages two and four. I love supporting families with children, however they need, through doula services. 

My mission is to empower and encourage women— the real-life superheroes of this world.

I am a certified labor doula and certified postpartum & infant care doula 

Why I Became a Birth & Postpartum Doula

My desire to provide compassionate and empowering doula care began with my family and friends. As I stepped into pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood, I was often surprised by all the things I didn’t know. I struggled with breastfeeding, returning to work, and being a new parent with my first son. Thankfully, I had friends who were able to listen as I cried and celebrated, who texted me encouragement in the middle of the night, and who reassured me after the occasional anxious Google search. After the birth of my second son, we moved away from our supporting village, and I struggled with loneliness, rage, and exhaustion as a stay at home parent. These experiences along with my love of learning and supporting others led to my pursuit of doula training and certification with ProDoula.
It is an honor to be with parents as they walk from uncertainty to confidence, and I consider my role to be a “spotter” while they exercise new parenting muscles. Often, we simply need to know we are not alone as we do hard things, which is why I try to bring a calm and friendly presence in this time. Along with walking with families in this major life transition, I love being able to help with the practical things like playing with a sibling, helping with food prep, tidying or doing light housework, and holding the baby so parents can eat or shower. Each person and family are different, so I prefer to tailor my care based on their unique strengths, challenges, and needs. My ultimate goal is to help all my families transition in a way that empowers them to parent with confidence and health.

The months following childbirth are incredibly transformative, albeit exhausting. Doula services and postpartum education can be a lifeline when you need it most. Having an extra set of hands can provide relief enough to avoid "the baby blues," feel a little more like yourself, or even catch a guilt-free catnap.

I love supporting families in and around the Charlotte area, however, whenever they need it, day or night. Here are a few postnatal doula support that I offer that could help:

What Postpartum Support Can I Ask For?

Newborn care while you catch up on sleep (or shower)

Creating a sleep schedule

Meal prep

Light house cleaning

Night doula services

My Credentials

•I am a certified doula and a NASM-certified wellness coach.

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