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Imagine a Blissful Bedtime Without All The Tears

You and your family need sleep, and when the bedtime routine becomes an issue, everyone suffers.

But it doesn't have to be this way! We're here to help get you all the sleep you need and crave. Uptown Doula has a proven technique that can get your baby or toddler sleeping faster than you can imagine. Our clients tell us daily how amazing our sleep coaching services are because they work. So say goodbye to sleepless nights and say hello to beautiful sleep.

Cry-It-Out (CIO) is NOT a Solution!

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Sleep training has seen its share of controversy, and we're no strangers to that. "Will my baby cry?" is a common concern for most parents, and we're here to give you an honest, straightforward answer to this question.

Yes, there is some crying but not endless crying, of course.

You may hear a lot about the "cry-it-out" method, as well as the "no cry" or "gentle" sleep training methods. Unfortunately, many parents who choose these sleep training techniques end up frustrated and with even more crying (even in the no-cry method). These sleep training methods do not work.

At Uptown Doula, our primary goal is to make this process as easy as possible for your child, which, quite frankly, isn't always as easy for parents. Although our method is gentle and effective, sleep training your baby can be emotionally charged, especially when you're sleep-deprived. As parents ourselves, we understand your concerns, value your feelings, and will never push you into something that doesn't feel aligned with your family.

Our customized approach works quickly and easily because we consider your baby's age, developmental stage and personality before starting. Plus, with four additional weeks of follow-up support, your child's sleep woes will be a thing of the past.

Our Sleep Training Method

Our work together doesn't end after receiving your customized sleep training plan. Unfortunately, life rarely goes 100% according to plan, so we will continue supporting you for the next four weeks. During this time, we work through any issues that may pop up once we're gone. During these four weeks, help is never more than a phone call away. You'll get unlimited email, phone support and three in-depth coaching calls to ensure your family continues to thrive.
At Uptown Doula, our baby sleep consultants are here for you every step of the way and will never leave you hanging.

Step 3:

Extended Follow-Up Support

We'll create a tailor-made action plan based on your needs and goals for your family. We will visit you in your home, get to know your family better, meet your child, walk through your routine, and develop a plan to set your family up for ultimate success. With your input, your action plan will lay the foundation for creating good sleep habits.

Step 2:

Customized Sleep Coaching

Before moving forward with sleep coaching, we'll have you fill out a simple and quick questionnaire so we can get a clear picture of what's happening. That way, we can jump right into creating a customized sleep plan for your family.

Step 1:

Detailed Sleep Assessment

Our Sleep Coaching Process

Includes 72 Hours In-Home Support

Our Toddler Sleep Training Program was designed for parents of co-sleeping toddlers. Sleep training your toddler is different than sleep training a newborn. Our program will teach your child to fall asleep independently in their bed and stay in bed until morning.


Toddler Sleep Training Program

Includes 72 Hours In-Home Support

As our most popular offering, our proven Premier Sleep Training Program will have you and your family all sleeping through the night in just 48 short hours.


Premiere Sleep Training Program

Includes 72 Hours In-Home Support

The VIP Sleep Training Program is our most comprehensive option, designed by a baby sleep trainer for first-time parents, parents of younger babies, multiples, or families with two children.


The VIP Sleep Training Program

Are you ready to get some shut-eye? We're here to help!
Which sleep training package will you choose?

Are you ready to get some shut-eye?
We're here to help!
Which sleep training package will you choose?

Our Packages

This includes 72 hours of remote sleep training and four weeks of follow-up support.


Remote Sleep Coaching

This includes a sleep training plan and four weeks of follow-up support.


In-Home Consultation

These packages are available by purchasing any of our exclusive sleep training programs. These services are not available as a standalone option. 

Optional Add-On Services

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