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Grandparenting Reimagined: Learn How to Thrive in the Grandparenting Role

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Grandparenting Made Easier with our Grandparenting Classes

Grandparent classes in Charlotte, NC, offer a unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide the best possible care for your grandchildren. You'll also have the chance to build meaningful relationships with other grandparents and share your experiences, tips, and stories. Grandparent classes are a great way to ensure you're doing everything you can to be the best grandparent possible for your grandkids!

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What Do New Grandparent Classes Cover?

Through these classes, you can learn the latest information on child care and development, get advice on common challenges like discipline and communication, and gain support from other grandparents in similar situations. 

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It's fascinating to see how time changes things, including the way we raise our children. Sometimes, what once was considered common sense or fact, is now under the microscope of scrutiny, or worse — completely debunked as a myth! Find out what has changed in a lighthearted and engaging discussion.

Fact or Fiction? Dispelling Common Myths

In the past, many generations were actively discouraged from breastfeeding. However, today, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding as the exclusive source of nutrition for at least the first six months of life. At Uptown Doula, we believe that “fed is best” and support all feeding styles. We’ll discuss the current standards and recommendations, and how you can support your child and grandchildren, however, they decide to feed them. 

Learning Feeding Recommendations

For many grandparents, it’s been years since your adult children have moved out, and even longer since having young children in your home. At this point, many grandparents have collected priceless heirloom treasures and even adopted a pet or two, many of whom have never been around children. We’ll discuss important infant safety protocols, from what can go in the crib, car seat safety, and how to childproof your space.

Getting Up-to-Date with Safety Protocols

While this is intended to be an educational course, meeting other grandparents is often everyone’s favorite portion of the class. Together, we’ll discuss how generational differences create different views on pregnancy, birth, and parenting. From social media to determining what kind of parent you’ll be and what you’ll prefer to be called, we’ll laugh and explore how times have changed, while getting to know each other.

Meeting Other Charlotte, NC Grandparents

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