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Our Charlotte, NC based childbirth education classes prepare expectant families with the knowledge and tools necessary to approach birth confidently. Our certified childbirth educators are dedicated to providing the evidence based information that leads to the development of personalized birth plans that are rooted in informed decision making. Plan to settle in as we journey through the stages of labor, introduce a variety of relaxing comfort measures, and prepare for the unpredictability’s of childbirth. The birth of this baby will become a memory that lasts a lifetime! Start the journey with explorative education that enables choices, positivity and an overall satisfying experience!

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What Do Childbirth Education Classes Cover?

Our childbirth education classes are carefully curated with the evidence based information that pregnant families in the Charlotte, NC area are seeking. With a focus on relaxation techniques and comfort measures, as well as relevant birth options, and the possible interventions or complications that can arise, you can expert to leave feeling confident and equipped to begin the journey into labor and birth. 

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No matter how many times you give birth, each experience will be unique and memorable. Our classes explore the different possibilities surrounding birth, and introduce you to a plethora of choices that you may not know are available to you. We invite you to register for a class and join us on an educational adventure through childbirth choices and possibilities!

relevant Birth options

Labor and birth can be unpredictable but we know that increasing your knowledge base, also increases your confidence level. Our childbirth classes introduce a variety of interventions and complications that can be associated with labor and birth while reducing fear and allowing time for processing and discussing. Prepare yourself for the unpredictable but increasing your knowledge base today!

Birthing Choices

Worry inevitably increases as a due date inches closer. We’ll cover the various phases of labor and childbirth, how to choose a care provider and birth team, packing your labor bag, and creating your birth plan.

Labor and Delivery

Childbirth doesn’t have to be traumatic and forced. We’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to help you relax and release unnecessary fears, as well as positions and methods to find comfort throughout labor and delivery.

Comfort Strategies

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