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Learn How to Care for Yourself & Your Little One

Welcome new parents! The postpartum time, aka the fourth trimester, can be challenging for many parents. At Uptown Doula, we understand how overwhelming the prospect of becoming a new parent can feel. That's why we want to make sure you feel supported and prepared for this major life change. We’ll help you know what to expect to help alleviate any fears and build your confidence as you transition into this new phase of parenthood. We’ll give you the knowledge you need to prevent you get enough sleep, stay nourished, and take care of yourself, as well as walk you through the newborn care basics and the most up-to-date safety protocols.

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What Do Infant Care Classes Cover?

Our newborn parenting classes provide essential information, no matter how many babies you’ve delivered and raised. We’ll cover topics ranging from how to heal from labor and delivery and forming a bond with your child, to newborn care, safety and healthy sleeping practices.

In-person classes in Charlotte, NC*
Class size is limited to six couples
*Virtual classes are available upon request


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Your body just went through the better part of a year supporting your growing baby, followed by your unique labor and delivery experience. You’ll learn what physical and emotional changes you can expect, how to ease and support the recovery process, and how to identify postpartum warning signs. We’ll also cover hormonal fluctuations and identify postpartum mood disorders.

Postpartum Expectations and Recovery

Although expectant mothers and parents know that their life is inevitably changing, we’ll identify some of the aspects of how an infant can impact your life (like your sleep patterns, finances, and your relationship with your partner) with an open and honest dialogue and discussion so you can prepare to avoid being caught off guard.

What to Expect with Your Newborn

For the first years of a child’s life, most new parents worry if their child is growing and developing within a normal range. We’ll help you feel more at ease by discussing normal variations in infant behavior and appearance. We’ll also cover common medical procedures by exploring advantages, drawbacks, alternatives, and parents’ rights regarding newborn care practices. 

Newborn Procedures

It can be overwhelming when you bring a new baby home, especially if you are a first-time parent. We’ll practice identifying how your baby will naturally communicate to tell you what it needs, and provide soothing techniques and babywearing strategies. We’ll also cover common newborn care procedures, such as cord care, diapering, bathing, safety, and healthy sleep practices.

Newborn Care

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