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Rachel Cranfill

Hey! I'm Rachel, a certified doula in Charlotte and the surrounding area. My goal is to support women and families through prenatal, birth, and postpartum doula support, giving you peace of mind and knowledge as you navigate the transition into your new family dynamic. Growing and birthing a child can be challenging and overwhelming, but they can also be the most rewarding, powerful and beautiful experience of your life. I'm here to support and guide you through your journey.

Meet Charlotte Postpartum Doula

When I say that Charlotte, NC is home, I mean it. I'm an official Charlotte, NC native, born and raised. It's where I met and married my wife, Stephanie, and we raise our four children, Atlee, Liam, George, and Lincoln. We also have four dogs, one cat, and a hermit crab. We love animals in our home, which makes my heart happy since I grew up around horses and even rode them competitively for my school (and I played tennis, too)!

Professionally, I attended the University of South Carolina at Columbia and Appalachian State University and finished my degree in communications at East Carolina University. However, it was only after the birth of our third child, during the height of a global pandemic in 2020, that I realized the true importance of quality doula support services. Although I've been present for both home births and hospital births, and I always had so much respect for doulas of all specializations, after we had a life-changing doula experience with Uptown Doula, I knew that I needed to help other local mothers, families, and their babies experience birth their way and on their terms.

When I'm not helping local families, I'm refilling my cup by hanging out with my family, trying out new restaurants (we are foodies!) or fueling my creative side. I'm the author of three children's audiobooks under the pen name "Lulu Beck" and a full-length artist guide under the pen name "Raven Robins." I also make clay jewelry, digital art, website design and social media marketing. I even enjoy photography as a hobby, especially candid lifestyle photography of my kids and dogs!

Why I Became a Certified Doula in Charlotte, NC

When you're pregnant with twins, you're nearly guaranteed to be classified as a high-risk pregnancy. I was no exception when I was pregnant with my twins, Atlee & Liam. Thankfully, my pregnancy was fantastic, with little to no stress besides the usual back pain. The twins were delivered via c-section because baby "A" was smaller and breech. However, the c-section didn't go according to plan. Thankfully, my hospital team responded quickly, and we all made it through happy and healthy. However, the long road to recovery was made possible by my incredible support system.
Thankfully, growing up, I had the fortunate and unique opportunity to be present for the births of my nieces and nephews—most of them being home births. Even from a young age, watching and learning from the midwife and birth doula who were part of the labor support team throughout labor and delivery was a privilege. Seeing first-hand the dramatic impact of doulas on the birthing and postpartum experience drove me to find my way to being a doula.

Welcoming a new baby to your home is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Your family dynamic will change whether this is your first or fourth child. I'm here to lend a helping hand throughout the postpartum period. I'm here if you need overnight care from a night doula to get some much-needed shut-eye or extra hand organizing or to keep up with the laundry or light housekeeping so you can spend time bonding with your newborn and spending time with the family and your other children.

How Can I Help?

The months following childbirth are incredibly transformative, albeit exhausting. Doula services and postpartum education can be a lifeline when you need it most. Having an extra set of hands can provide relief enough to avoid "the baby blues," feel a little more like yourself, or even catch a guilt-free catnap.

I love supporting families in and around the Charlotte area, however, whenever they need it, day or night. Here are a few postnatal doula support that I offer that could help:

What Postpartum Support Can I Ask For?

Newborn care while you catch up on sleep (or shower)

Creating a sleep schedule

Meal prep

Light house cleaning

Night doula services

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