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Jennifer Dorr

Hey there! I’m Jennifer, a certified labor and postpartum doula in the Charlotte, NC area. When I’m not busy supporting families in labor, birth, or the postpartum period you will find me homeschooling my kiddos, engrossed in a book, geocaching, and/or drinking a good coffee! There’s also a good chance you’ll find me visiting Florida for a trip to my favorite beach, Siesta Key, or enjoying yet another Disney vacation with my family.  

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On Becoming a Doula

When I was a little girl, I lived in Charlotte for a couple of years. After moving away, I spent the best summers of my childhood in Charlotte with the most amazing grandparents ever. I promised myself I would one day make Charlotte my home again, and in 2004 I did just that! When I moved back to NC I was pregnant with my fifth child, and went on to have five more babies for a total of ten, yes TEN children! With my first pregnancy and birth I had a serious lack of knowledge. What could I expect? How do you take care of a newborn? What would labor be like? I asked my mom… but she was “knocked out” for my birth and had little advice to offer. I learned by going through it…again and again 😉 My hearts desire is to equip families with knowledge, choices, and support - which is what I lacked the most in both birth and the postpartum experience.  
Remember that support I lacked? That is the driving force behind my decision to become a doula. They say it takes a village, but over the years I found myself wondering where the village was! Pregnancy, birth and parenting are a beautiful gift but without support, they can leave us with many questions, doubts and fears. This should not be.  

The months following childbirth are incredibly transformative, albeit exhausting. Doula services and postpartum education can be a lifeline when you need it most. Having an extra set of hands can provide relief enough to avoid "the baby blues," feel a little more like yourself, or even catch a guilt-free catnap.

I love supporting families in and around the Charlotte area, however, whenever they need it, day or night. Here are a few postnatal doula support that I offer that could help:

What Postpartum Support Can I Ask For?

Newborn care while you catch up on sleep (or shower)

Creating a sleep schedule

Meal prep

Light house cleaning

Night doula services

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