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Chelsea Tate

Birth Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, Placenta Encapsulation & Childbirth Educator

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Chelsea Tate

Hi! I’m Chelsea, a professional certified labor and birth doula, postpartum doula and postpartum placenta specialist. My goal is to work closely with mothers-to-be and their families, offering unbiased and non-judgemental support as you navigate your journey into motherhood, whether you’re expecting your firstborn or your fifth. I’ll be by your side from start to finish, guiding you with childbirth education to help you prepare, comfort techniques throughout the delivery process and newborn care in the fourth trimester. I also offer BengKung belly-binding services to encourage a faster and more efficient childbirth recovery.

Meet Charlotte Birth Doula

As a child, I was always the “mother hen” of my community. The parents in my neighborhood always trusted me to babysit their little ones, and I loved every moment! However, my passion for doula work began in 2014 after the birth of my son left me feeling unsupported, taken advantage of, and even violated. This couldn’t be how childbirth was supposed to be, and I embarked on a journey of exploration, researching what could have improved my experience. I learned about doulas during my research and immediately knew it was my calling! In June 2015, I became of certified birth & postpartum doula and placenta encapsulation specialist.

Not long after, in 2016, I gave birth to my daughter in 2016. By this point, I was a doula myself, and I knew I had options and a voice, which made me feel in control and empowered throughout the experience, a night and day difference from my first birth experience. Although things did not go as planned, I was informed and supported by an amazing birth team, giving me an experience that fuels my passion for serving other mothers and their babies.

I began a doula agency that supported hundreds of families in the Triad, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas for nearly a decade. However, now that my little ones are older, I thoroughly enjoy working as an independent contractor offering doula support and postpartum doula services for other doula companies.

In addition to being a mom and a doula, before I got my doula certification, I went to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to study music education because I love to sing! I also love to cook Italian food, which is likely due to my heritage. My great-grandparents were immigrants from Sicily, Italy, and my grandmother passed down the BEST recipes to me! My maiden name is “milk,” spelled backward — Klim! My nickname in high school was Chelsea Milk! I’m also a powerlifter and hope to do a competition soon.

Why I Became a Certified Doula in Charlotte, NC

I am very passionate about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. I love earning a family’s trust and helping educate and support them through such a life-changing experience. When someone invites you into their personal space, home, and livelihood, it is truly an honor! Learning the ins and outs of what makes a family tick and how I fit into that equation is one of the most enriching parts of doula work.

My experience in birth work has taught me much about navigating pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. I take pride in every type of birth and embrace every parenting philosophy. Whether you’re planning a home birth, c-section, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, or sleep training, I’m your guide, advocate, and biggest cheerleader!

My goal is to support you in every possible way, from helping you connect with the best resources as you prepare to have your baby, birth planning or educating you about the childbirth process, routine hospital and birth center procedures, your options, and anything else related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Not only will I help you prepare for your upcoming birth, I’ll be by your side and attend the birth as a support person, offering comfort techniques, discussing options as they arise, and facilitating communication and a cohesive relationship with your hospital or birth center staff.

In addition to being a doula birthing coach, I have a tight-knit network of trusted local birth and medical professionals, such as midwives, obstetricians, chiropractors, lactation consultants, specialists, and more. My goal is to offer you confidence, comfort, and peace throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

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My Credentials

•Certified Labor Doula | ProDoula
•Early Childhood Education & Psychology (specializing in infant and toddler care) | Davidson County Community College
•Former ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Chapter Leader
•Host & creator of Triad Birth & Baby Expo
•Co-host of Winston Salem Birth Circle
•Experienced Doula Trainer & Mentor
•Nominated for Triad Moms on Main Choice Awards

Certified Labor Doula | ProDoula

Early Childhood Education & Psychology (specializing in infant and toddler care) | Davidson County Community College

Former ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Chapter Leader

Host & creator of Triad Birth & Baby Expo

Co-host of Winston Salem Birth Circle

Experienced Doula Trainer & Mentor

Nominated for Triad Moms on Main Choice Awards

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